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South-Western understands that one size does not fit all when it comes to the technology you utilize to reach your course outcomes. That is why we offer two, innovative technology solutions—we want to empower you to be able to choose a product that fits your needs.

CengageNOW offers instructors a great deal of flexibility and control, including robust grading options and reports. More than 100,000 accounting students use the software, which has achieved 99.99% server uptime over the past couple years.

Aplia offers a simple and easy-to-use interface, grading students with elegant efficiency.

What is a Personalized Study Plan? It is offered in CengageNOW as a diagnostic tool with a Pre-Test, Customized Study Plan, and Post-Test for each chapter. It offers valuable study assets to empower students to master concepts, such as Games, Videos, Animated Student PowerPoints, eLectures, and Flashcards.



CengageNOW™ is a powerful course management and online homework tool that provides robust instructor control and customization to optimize the student learning experience and meet desired outcomes.


CengageNOW’s Advantages are:

  • Easy-to-use course management options that offer flexibility and continuity from one semester
    to another. Includes all end-of-chapter questions, Test Bank, ebook, study resources and personalized learning plan. CengageNOW includes everything you and your students need to be successful.
  • Different levels of feedback and engaging student resources to guide students through material and solidify learning.
  • Robust assignment options allow you to control your course and make the system work best for you and your students:
    - set pre-requisites for assignments or extra credit
    - control the amount of feedback you give students
    - control the rigor of assignments by selecting different question types or grading methods
    - easily change point values of questions or individual student grades
  • "Smart Entry” helps eliminate common typos and errors to help students do their best work and
    understand the concept behind each answer.
  • The ability to analyze student work from the gradebook and generate reports on learning  outcomes for accreditation and other purposes.


New CengageNOW Upgrades

  • Introduction to CengageNow assignment is now included to provide students with a tutorial on how begin with CengageNOW—how to navigate, submit an assignment, access study resources, etc.
  • Improved Smart Entry challenges students to come up with answers without the guidance that dropdown menus provide. Used only where there is no possibility of confusing the order of accounts, Smart Entry alleviates the crutch that traditional drop-down menus create, challenging students to take control of their accounting education.
  • More robust feedback is included with selected questions to help students complete homework assignments and caution students about common mistakes. The full solution and extended feedback will also be included for after students have completed the problem.
  • Customized Feedback As the instructor, you have the ultimate control on the amount of feedback you give students and when.
  • Enhanced Problems with Tutorial features guide students through basic problem solving in an interactive format, allowing for greater engagement and retention.
  • Longer problems are split into shorter steps to help aid students in digesting the material.
  • An interactive CLebook with highlighting, note-taking, and advanced search functionalities improves the way students use their CengageNOW ebook.

CNOW Upgrades

To view a demo of CengageNOW, please click here. To learn about the CengageNOW upgrades, please click here.


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Aplia™ is a premier online homework product that successfully engages students and maximizes the amount of effort they put forth, creating more efficient learners.

Aplia’s Advantages are:

  • In addition to end-of-chapter homework, Aplia offers a separate, original problem set that complements the book.
  • Students can receive unique, detailed explanations/feedback and the full solution after each attempt on homework.
  • "Grade It Now” maximizes student effort on each attempt and ensures students do their own work.
  • "Smart Entry” helps eliminate common typos and errors to help students do their best work and understand the concept behind each answer.

New Aplia Upgrades:

  • Increased Instructor Control: Instructors now have more options in how they assign materials from the question banks.
  • Full Test Bank is included in Aplia with new edition.
  • ApliaText: Interactive ApliaText allows students to use eBooks in a new way. This unique flip-book also includes a Chapter Recap that helps students craft their own personal study guide.

To view a demo of Aplia, please go to and choose the course and Cornerstones book you would like to preview.


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Available exclusively to Cengage Learning, CourseCare is a revolutionary program designed to provide you and your students with an unparalleled user experience with your Cengage Learning digital solution.

CourseCare connects you with a team of training, service, and support experts to help you implement your Cengage Learning Digital Solution. Real people dedicated to you, your students, and your course from the first day of class through final exams.

To learn more about this top-notch service program, please visit:

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