Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Manual

Are you looking to prime your students for success in an apprenticeship program or for a career as an electrician?

This all-inclusive manual, developed as a one-stop textbook to be utilized by Career and Technical Education Programs, Correctional Training Facilities, Community Colleges, Job Training Programs, Job Corps, Youth Corps and more, focuses not only on basic electrical training but also includes the critical math, reading, safety and soft skills necessary for success in the workplace. Support your students’ learning with:

  • Interactive Assignments
  • Hands-On Learning with Building Labs
  • Helpful life skills tips
  • Motivating Career Profiles
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Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship and Workforce Development Manual, 1st Edition
IEC Chesapeake
ISBN-10: 1111316899 ISBN-13: 9781111316891
400 Pages CB