Project Lead the Way
Series Overview


Delmar and Project Lead The Way, Inc.
The online curriculum and projects from PLTW provide a critical framework but these texts provide essential knowledge for the students and insructors not found elsewhere. These books are written by teams of authors with pedagogy and engineering expertise to ensure student's success.

Gateway To Technology
Introduction To Engineering Design
Principles Of Engineering
Digital Electronics
Aerospace Engineering
Biotechnical Engineering
Civil Engineering and Architecture
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Engineering Design and Development

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How This Series Was Developed

This series began with a focus group that brought together experienced teachers and curriculum developers from a broad range of engineering disciplines. Two important themes emerged from that discussion: (1) that teachers need a new set of resources that fit the way they teach engineering today, and (2) that teachers want engaging, interactive resources to support project/problem-based learning. These texts support project/problem-based learning by:


  • Creating an unconventional, show-don’t-tell pedagogy that is driven by engineering concepts, not traditional textbook content.  Concepts are mapped at the beginning of each chapter, and clearly identified as students navigate the chapter.
  • Reinforcing major concepts with Applications, Projects, and Problems based on real-world examples and systems.
  • Providing texts rich in features designed to bring the design process to life in the real world. Case studies, Career Profiles, Boxed Articles highlighting human achievements, and resources for extended learning will show students how engineers develop career pathways, work through product failures, and innovate to continuously improve product success and quality of life.
  • Reinforcing the text’s interactivity with an exciting design that invites students to participate in a journey through the engineering design process.


How this series supports STEM Education
Math and science are the languages we use to communicate ideas about engineering and technology. It would be difficult to find even a single paragraph in this series that does not discuss Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. The authors have taken the extra step of showing the links that bind math and science to engineering and technology. A unique STEM icon highlights passages that explain how engineers use math and science principles to support successful designs in engineering and technology.


Support for Teachers

Each text in this series is accompanied by an Instructor’s Resource on disk, including instructional outlines, answers to text problems, selected solutions and rubrics, PowerPoint® presentations, computerized test banks, and STEM mapping guides.