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South-Western and Aplia have teamed up to provide you with the newest high school solution, Aplia’s Century 21 Accounting Online Working Papers. With the help of teachers nationwide, Aplia developed an engaging homework solution that strengthens student understanding of accounting, while relieving you of the burden of grading it. This online workbook solution provides students with online journals, ledgers, worksheets, financial statements, and other forms used to complete their textbook problems and chapter tests.


This easy-to-use online system mirrors Century 21 Accounting’s current print products, yet instantly grades student’s answers and provides feedback. As students complete the assignments, you receive a complete assessment of their work and comprehension levels, while their grades are instantly entered into your online Aplia grade book.


*For use with Century 21 Accounting 8e and 9e.


Instructor Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly online system
  • Auto-graded assignments
  • Results transferred directly to your Aplia grade book
  • Graphical assessments of student work and comprehension levels

Student Features and Benefits

  • Increased understanding of course concepts through frequent auto-graded assignments
  • Immediate feedback on every question
  • Interactive, engaging assignments

What Users are Saying!

  • 61% say that student performance has improved in their class since using the Online Working Papers!
    • 34% - students' grades have improved by 6-10%
    • 43% - students' grades have improved by >11%
  • 82% report that their students are more engaged in the Accounting course.
  • 75% say their ability to monitor student progress has improved.
  • 70% say that after using Online Working Papers, their students are more likely to enroll in further study in accounting and/or other business education courses.

For an example of Aplia’s Century 21 Accounting Online Working Papers click here or please visit www.aplia.com/workingpapers.

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