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Ancillary Materials

For a complete list of ancillary materials for Plazas, please CLICK HERE.

Heinle Cengage has today’s technologies for today’s students. Let Heinle Cengage provide you with: 

More Ways to Save You Time

Everything your students need to master the skills and concepts at the course is built right in to this dynamic audio-an video-enhanced learning environment, including:

  • An audio- and video-enhanced eBook
  • Assignable, integrated textbook activities
  • Companion videos with pre- and post-viewing activities
  • Assignable, partnered voice-recorded activities
  • An online workbook and lab manual with audio
  • Interactive enrichment activities, and
  • A diagnostic study tool to better prepare students for exams

You can pair any of our books with access to QUIA, an award-winning, completely online learning environment developed by language specialists for language students studying Spanish. It provides an environment where students can use electronic workbooks and lab manuals with interactive exercises and instant feedback to improve their language skills. You can quickly assign:

  • listening exercises with audio
  • video scenarios with exercises
  • advanced activity types not available on other platforms
  • a wide variety of activities and exercises including hangman, crossword puzzles, concentration games, flashcards, pop-ups, quizzes, scavenger hunts, word searches, and many more.

And QUIA’s capabilities are provided all from within a powerful and easy-to-use course management system that AUTOMATICALLY flows students’ scores directly into your online grade book. To see a demo of QUIA, click here.

More Ways to Deliver Your Lectures

The Heinle Cengage Spanish Transparency Bank ISBN: 0-8384-0987-3
The Spanish Transparency Bank contains over 100 thematically grouped color transparencies, including maps and vocabulary presentations.

More Ways to Master Skills and Concepts

Workbook/Lab Manual/Video Manual  1-4282-0598-5  This newly formatted and significantly revised supplement includes a Video Manual (with activities focused on the accompanying videos found in both the Workbook and Lab Manual sections) to help students recall and consider both cultural and lexical information presented in the accompanying DVD.  Also included in this edition are the all-new Ritmos y música activities designed to enhance the grammatical and cultural experience of the songs presented in the student text.  An Answer key is available (1-4282-0614-0)  Also available on iLrn™ Heinle Learning Center.

Personal Tutor  Available online, students have access to experienced tutors with degrees in Spanish.  Students can receive one-on-one tutoring and on-demand help with assignments.  Available as a packaged item with new textbooks or for purchase at www.iChapters.com. Ask your Heinle Cengage representative how to package access with Plazas, ¡Tú dirás! or Dímelo tú or CLICK HERE for a product tour. Also available on iLrn™ Heinle Learning Center.

Student Multimedia CD-ROM  1-4282-0603-5  Following the journeys of several travelers to various countries, the Student Multimedia CD-ROM creates a virtual environment in which students complete enrichment tasks that reinforce vocabulary, grammatical and lexical structures, and cultural information introduced in the text.  Includes Google™ Earth coordinates, which virtually transport students to each country discussed.  Also available on iLrn™ Heinle Learning Center.

Atajo 4.0: Writing Assistant for Spanish
This powerful program combines the features of a word processor with databases of language reference material, a searchable dictionary featuring the entire contents of Merriam-Webster's® Spanish-English Dictionary, a verb conjugating reference, and audio recordings of vocabulary, example sentences, and authentic samples of the language. It is simply the best investment for anyone learning to write in Spanish.

Heinle iRadio
Whether walking to class, driving to work, or studying at their desk, students now have the freedom to choose when, where, and how they interact with their MP3-ready, audio-based educational media! Heinle iRadio allows students to select from any of 20 Spanish-language tutorials (10 on tricky grammar structures and 10 on pronunciation)—and references are built right into the text! To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Book Companion Website!  This updated companion site includes chapter-specific self-grading quizzes and Web Exploration activities, flashcards, crossword puzzles, and a glossary as well as links to Heinle iRadio and a conjugation tool. 
Instructors can download password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, Workbook and Lab Manual Answer Keys, Lab Audio as well as Lab Audio Scripts, Video Transcripts, the Heinle Transparency Bank masters, and the complete Activity File and Answer Key.  Instructors can also access an all-new collection of finals to accompany the new holistic exam version offered in the Test Bank CD-ROM.

More Ways to Connect with Culture

Putumayo's Nuevo Latino Music CD                             
Bundle Version: 1-4130-1877-7
Not available sold separately. Let music enrich your students' understanding of the Spanish language—as well as Spanish-speaking cultures! Putumayo's Nuevo Latino Music CD features innovative Latin music by exciting new artists from Latin America and beyond. The CD's fresh and current sounds reflect hints of Cuban son, Argentinean tango, and Colombian cumbia alongside touches of contemporary blues, surf music, ragamuffin, trip-hop, and hip-hop. The mélange reflects the multicultural influences guiding a new generation of musicians. To learn more about Putumayo World Music, visit www.putumayo.com.

Sonidos, sabores y palabras Activity Manual
Bundle Version: 1-4130-1875-0
The Sonidos, sabores y palabras Activity Manual answers the call from instructors seeking to use music as an integrated component in their Spanish class. Sonidos features a diverse range of activities and exercises based on each song. These activities will have your students call upon prior knowledge, reflect and empathize with the lyrics, and make connections to their own experiences The thought-provoking group activities require students to analyze the meaning behind the songs, as well as investigate and discuss how they relevantly reflect Latin cultures today. This fun and interactive book will bolster student language acquisition skills as well as help them retain and recall everything they learn! Stand-Alone Version packaged with Putumayo 's Nuevo Latino Music CD: 1-4130-2169-7.